4 Practically Ways That Guarantee You Get The Job

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Have you ever had the experience of sending out your cv/resume EVERYWHERE?

Yes, Everyone does.

You find lists for position that sounds like your dream job. You look through the application requirements, submit your resume and just cross your fingers that you’ll get called in to interview for the position.
And guess what?
You get No emails.
No callbacks.
No interviews.

It sucks, doesn’t it?
I had that experience a few years back.
And then a profound realization changed everything for me.

I realized that……

You’ve Got To Make An Irresistible Offer.

Yes, you heard me.

A boring, traditional cv/resume doesn’t do that magic.

See, employers and recruiters are used to seeing the same thing over and over:
A plain CV/ resume with cover letter that lack achievement is not going to work. Recruiters are dying to get something fresh, something that makes an impact, something that’s irresistible.

We’ve all sent in boring cv/resumes in our lives but now, it’s time for an update.

So here are four ways that will guarantee you get the job:

1. Tailor Your CV/ Resume That You Can Perform:

What are hiring managers looking for when they skim through those seemingly endless piles of resumes from applicants? It’s simple, really. They’re identifying the candidates that seem the most qualified with credible performance for the position—after all, they aren’t going to bother interviewing people who are obviously not a good fit for the job.

Recently you will see something like this, at the end of job vacancy advert

Note: Only qualified candiates will be contacted.”  This simply means that as far as your CV/resume didn’t present you as an ideal candidate, you’re not qualify.

While it may seem painful, it’s absolutely crucial that you tailor your resume for each position that you apply for.
Are they looking for someone with strong sales experience? Then call more attention to any sales-related duties you performed.

Do what you can to present yourself as a qualified candidate with relevant experience. That alone is enough to put you at the top of the interview pile.

Have been called for interviews in some companies, even without required work experiences due to well package CV.

2. Prove You’ll Earn Them More Than You Cost:

Here’s the truth: You need to make your employer a profit. Meaning that hiring you comes at a cost. And likewise, the effort from the work you do brings in revenue.

So what’s the easiest way to practically guarantee you get the job you’re applying for?
Simply prove, based on past results or your acquired skills with believe system (if you’re a fresh graduate) that you’re going to bring in more revenue to the company than you cost them.

For example, in a month, one of my past employer paid me a salary worth my three month salary.
Yes, I collected it with joy.
That’s solid, tangible proof that I’m worth more than I cost.

So, if you haven’t already, start thinking of measurable ways you bring in revenue for a company, and then put those detailed examples on your CV/ resume.
The numbers will speak for themselves.

3. Draft An Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter:

Despite what you may have heard, people actually do still read cover letters. Your cover letter is your chance to expand on the things you could only briefly summarize in your CV/ resume.

That means you need to make it count! Avoid using one of those formality I’m writing in regards to the Marketing Assistant position that was posted on your website” letters, they know they post vacancy their; is not necessary to remind them. Opt for something a little more memorable and attention-grabbing.

That doesn’t imply that you have to start with a “Once upon a time…” fairytale opening. But, you should consider trying something a little unique. Kick off your letter by sharing why exactly you admire this company, or how you found your passion for this position.

The bottom line is you want something that sets you apart and inspires the hiring manager to remember your name.

4. Work To Learn, Not To Earn:

When you’re first starting out and you don’t have proof of generating results or credible experience, then the best way to get your foot in the door is by working for free for a month… or even up to 3 months.

In fact, I got my dream job, the position I had my heart set on – by offering to work for free for 3 months (though they gave me transport fee).

Only offer this if you’re fairly certain that working for free will lead to a job… and that job will open up a world of opportunities within 2-5 years for you.

That’s what it did for me, and that’s what it could do for you.

And Here’s A Fiveth Way…
Your bonus tip is to stand out ONLINE. Why?

The first thing any employer is going to do when you apply is Google your name…

And what if what they found blew them away so much so that they shortlisted you for the position immediately? That’s what can happen with a great online presence – and nowadays, that’s easier than ever to achieve.


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